John Piper SermonsJohn Piper Sermons

John Piper Sermons

Enjoy listening to John Piper Sermons? We sure do! Which is why we’ve put together this simple site to share with you the very best messages as they are released by Desiring God Ministries.

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Built on the foundation that of God’s love for you, these John Piper Sermons teach that our Father God feels the most glorified when we’re the most satisfied with Him.

As the Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Pastor John shares his wisdom and understanding with the many members of his church.

Apart from that, Pastor John also reached millions with his words through the many books he authored, most notably through the book, ‘Desiring God’ where he clearly laid out the importance of developing the satisfaction in the Lord.

Through the sermons collected on this site, you too can experience the life changing messages as delivered by Pastor Piper.

These messages will touch on a large spectrum of topics including love, faith, family, spiritual gifts and many more topics that are close to your heart.

Whether you wish to listen to Pastor John’s audio sermons or watch it through videos, we hope you’ll be able to find what something on this site that’ll bless you greatly.

May you experience a new understanding of God’s love through these sermons. Enjoy!

John Piper Sermons (Video Sermons)

John Piper Sermons (Audio Sermons)

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